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We want to express our sincere gratitude to our valued worldwide community who are collaborating with us on an array of projects, including lyric videos, meditations, poetry, and various graphic design endeavours.


Your support and trust is playing an integral role in bringing these creative visions to life. The synergy of our collaboration is a testament to the power of shared creativity and mutual respect. As we continue this journey together, we look forward to further enriching our creative ventures and achieving new heights of artistic excellence.


Thank you for being an essential part of our creative family.

Andrew Moxon (Singer, Songwriter, Friend, Brother)

Danielle Remigio (Singer, Songwriter, Worshipper, Teacher, Mentor) Bear Life Community Interview

Laura C Worship (Son of Frequency, Producer, Singer, Songwriter) Bear Life Community Interview

Jennifer Arrington (Missionary, Producer, Singer, Songwriter) Interview Testimonial


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