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Welcome to our lyric video and graphic design website!


We are Anca & Stephen Johnsen, a passionate family inspired by the power of creativity and design.


Our journey into this artistic realm has been nothing short of extraordinary, as we firmly believe that it is the divine guidance of Yahweh that has led us to launch this business and operate from a place of abundance.

From the earliest moments of our marriage, we found joy and inspiration in art.  As we grew, we realised that our unique blend of skills and talents could be channeled into something meaningful and impactful.

The idea of creating lyric videos evolved through expressing Anca's poetry visually and through the encouragement of our great friend Janine, to venture into the music industry.  We understood the potential of lyric videos in enhancing the emotional experience of a song and adding an extra layer of storytelling to the music.  Our mission is to bring the essence of a song to life through captivating visuals, perfectly synchronized with its soul-stirring lyrics.

In addition to lyric videos, our graphic design expertise allows us to craft stunning visuals for artists and businesses alike.  Whether it's album covers, promotional materials, or social media assets, we pour our hearts and souls into each project, infusing it with creativity, love, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

We believe that Yahweh's hand has led us to this very moment, where we can share our talents with the world and create a positive impact.  Our faith fuels our work ethic, and we approach every project with gratitude, knowing that our abilities come from Union..

Operating from a place of abundance is our philosophy for both life and business.  We believe that giving is the natural overflow of a heart surrendered; and we are committed to bringing abundance to our clients through our creativity, dedication, and genuine passion for what we do.  We see our work as an opportunity to spread joy, inspire others, and make the world a more creative place, one lyric video and design at a time.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of creativity, inspiration, and faith.  Together, we want to bring your vision to life with awe-inspiring graphics.  We are excited to collaborate with you and see the wonder we can create together.

With love and gratitude,

Anca & Stephen Johnsen

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